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    Zeitgeist and Contemporary Psychology
    Jing Qicheng, Zhang Hang
    2005, 13 (2):  129-138. 
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    Zeitgeist is the dominant ideology of a historical era, reflecting the main trend of social, philosophical, and scientific thoughts of that period in time. Zeitgeist has an impact on the course of scientific thinking, its influence on the development of psychology is evident. The paper describes how the Zeitgeist affected the development of psychology in the 20th century. At the beginning of the century Behaviorism originated and flourished in the atmosphere of American pragmatism. In the second half of the century, the advent of knowledge-based economy gave birth to cognitive psychology. While in the beginning of the 21st century the world is undergoing a globalization process, and brings with it extended exchanges in psychology-the internationalization of psychology. The paper commented on some current and future salient features of psychological science.
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    Review on the Planning-control Model Based on the Dissociation between Visual Perception and Action
    Xing Youchuan, Zhang Zhijun, Tang Rixin
    2005, 13 (2):  139-146. 
    Abstract ( 3360 )   PDF (415KB) ( 1903 )  
    The dissociation between perception and action was found from clinical cases at first. Illusion paradigms on normal subject were used in examining the phenomena further. As a result, four kinds of explanations were proposed. The planning-control model, which supposed that action can be divided into two stages: planning stage and control stage, got lots of factual supports especially. Furthermore, it was believed that separate processing modules underlay planning and control, and each module employed a distinct visual representation. Visual illusions affected the planning of action but did not affect the on-line control of action. Experimental facts of planning-control model in dynamic illusion effects were reviewed. Evaluation and expectation were put forward at last
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    Syntax Priming and Syntax Representation in Speech Production
    Huang Xianjun, Gao Lu
    2005, 13 (2):  147-155. 
    Abstract ( 3721 )   PDF (409KB) ( 1962 )  
    After reviewing the experimental research on syntax priming, we think through the syntax production. A connectionist model can make good explanation of human’s processing of syntax during speech production. The model and the output of experiments makes clear there exists combinational node in lemma stratum. It is combinational node that might encode syntactic rules, and relate directly to syntax processing
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    Feedback in Second Language Learning
    Sun Yanqing
    2005, 13 (2):  156-161. 
    Abstract ( 4284 )   PDF (374KB) ( 3656 )  
    In second language learning, feedback refers to the evaluative information available to learners concerning their linguistic performance. The concept and types of feedback, the role it plays in second language learning and the characteristics of effective feedback are analyzed. The feedback will be most valuable when done judiciously, appropriately focused, with the consideration of the limitation of learners’ cognitive resources, in an affectively supportive manner. The pedagogical implications of the research on feedback and the areas for future studies are also discussed
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    The Development and Related Factors of Children’s Emotional Masking
    Shi Bing, Su Yanjie
    2005, 13 (2):  162-168. 
    Abstract ( 3912 )   PDF (386KB) ( 3738 )  
    Masking emotion,which is one kind of emotional regulative strategy, reflects social and adaptive characters of emotion. The studies about children’s emotional masking were reviewed and five related factors - family, peer, culture, language ability, dispositional expressivity and gender role- were analyzed. The future direction of studying children’s emotional masking was emphasized in the end
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    An Ecological Perspective of the Relationship Between Internet Use and Adolescents’ Self-identity
    Lei Li,Chen Meng
    2005, 13 (2):  169-177. 
    Abstract ( 4415 )   PDF (407KB) ( 3884 )  
    The internet has been penetrating into almost every part of our life, affecting the society and everybody, comprehensively and greatly, especially for adolescents, who are at the critical stage of their lives. Based on Bronfenbrenner’s ecological theory of human development, from four facets, including microsystem, mesosystem, macrosystem, and adolescents themselves who locate the center of the ecological system, this article dissertated thoroughly the close relationships between internet use and adolescents’ self-identity. Then some primary knowledge about internet use’s influence on adolescents’ physical and mental development was provided
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    The Development and Prospect of Self-enhancement Researches
    Dong Yan,Yu Guoliang
    2005, 13 (2):  178-185. 
    Abstract ( 4627 )   PDF (397KB) ( 4551 )  
    Self-enhancement researches were important topics of personal and social psychology. Self-enhancement was conceptualized by comparing between perceived self and perceived other or by comparing self-perception and Criterion. And a new interpersonal approach about self-enhancement was based on SRM. Measures of socially desirable responding, intrapsychic measures, criterion discrepancy measures, measures in round-robin design, and the over-claiming technique were the main measures of self-enhancement. Researches of relations between self-enhancement and mental health, biological profiles, self-esteem, performance were main researches domains. The cross-culture research of self-enhancement was introduced. At last, the prospect of self-enhancement researches was discussed
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    Reconceptuation of Self-monitoring
    Xiao Chonghao
    2005, 13 (2):  186-193. 
    Abstract ( 4589 )   PDF (394KB) ( 3578 )  
    Snyder(1974)developed self-monitoring to interpret the individual differences in self-presentation. He suggested that concerning for the situational appropriateness of their behaviors, and being sensitive to the cues of situations, using them to guide their self-presentation behavior characterize high self-monitors. The review of my paper have suggested that the Snyder’s definition to the high self-monitoring may be faulty. With the analysis of the function and the process of self-presentation, this paper supposed that people must maintain interpersonal harmony and self harmony in order to make a desired impression. In term of the two dimension, theoretically, there are the four kinds of people in the self-presentation process: the high self-monitors not only maintain self harmony but also interpersonal harmony. The other-directed monitors just maintain interpersonal harmony; self-directed monitors only maintain self harmony, the low self-monitoring maintain neither self harmony nor interpersonal harmony
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    A Review on Reality Therapy: The Depiction and Evaluation of Choice Theory
    Liu Chaoying,Jiang Guangrong
    2005, 13 (2):  194-200. 
    Abstract ( 3836 )   PDF (381KB) ( 3037 )  
    Choice theory is developed during the practicing of reality therapy,by Willaim Glasser. It’s the foundation and core theory of all the work done by reality therapy instead of control theory. A very important idea of it is that ‘all we do from birth to death is behave and all we do is chosen.’ Choice theory modifies the concept of basic needs, quality world, and total behavior. It emphasizes internal control and choice. And it denies the concept of mental illness, and thinks much of the relationship. The article introduces the history of choice theory, expatiates on the main content and the application to counseling. At the end of the article, the author’s evaluation is given combining the Chinese culture and the author’s experience of counseling
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    Gottfredson’s Theory of Career Aspiration Developmental:Brief Introduction and Research Review
    Hou Zhijin,Alvin S. Leung
    2005, 13 (2):  201-210. 
    Abstract ( 4482 )   PDF (401KB) ( 3623 )  
    Gottfredon (1981, 1996, 2002) proposed a theory of career aspiration in which she delineated a framework on the development of career aspirations through processes of circumscription and compromise. A key component of Gottfredson’s theory is a developmental framework describing how individual career aspirations are influenced by considerations related to sex-type, prestige, and occupational field. This article summarizes Gottfredson’s theory as well as relevant research findings related to this theory. Also, implications to career counseling in schools are examined
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    New Perspectives in Organizational Citizenship Behavior Research
    Wu Xin,Wu Zhiming,Zhang De
    2005, 13 (2):  211-218. 
    Abstract ( 1220 )   PDF (390KB) ( 4058 )  
    This article discussed and analyzed the most recent research directions of organizational citizenship behavior(OCB) occurring in the new millennium. The new directions include OCB studies based on social capital and social network theory, social norm and OCB, OCB in the group level, and the negative side of OCB。The authors discussed theoretical and practical implications of the four new research directions in our country and proposed suggestions for future research. Finally, the authors pointed out the interrelationship and integration of the four new trends
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    An Introduction of the Researches of Employee Assistance Programs
    Wang Yanfei
    2005, 13 (2):  219-226. 
    Abstract ( 4163 )   PDF (391KB) ( 3586 )  
    Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) are organization funded resource offered to workers and directed at personal, family and work-related problems that might interfere with worker performance and/or health. This article aims at some important aspects about the researches of Employee Assistance Programs, Introduced the conception and definition, origin and development, structure, effective measurement, execute modes, antecedents and consequences of Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs), discussed some drawbacks in this field, some suggestions of future researches are raised
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    A Review of Paternalistic Leadership Research
    Zhou Hao,Long Lirong
    2005, 13 (2):  227-238. 
    Abstract ( 5029 )   PDF (419KB) ( 4556 )  
    Paternalistic leadership (PL) was based on Chinese traditional culture and different from western leadership theories. It was a basic character of organizations in Chinese culture, and had been found to be prevalent in kinds of Chinese organizations. Authoritarianism, benevolence, and moral leadership were regarded as three elements of paternalistic leadership. In this paper, a review of paternalistic leadership research was given and the deep cultural roots of PL were analyzed, the three-elements theory of paternalistic leadership and PLS (paternalistic leadership scale) were introduced. At last, the problems of PL research and research orientation are provided, for example, effectiveness of PL in specific fields and the relationships between the three elements of PL should be given more attention in the future
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    Review on the Researches of Eyewitness Identification
    Wu Gao
    2005, 13 (2):  239-247. 
    Abstract ( 2177 )   PDF (406KB) ( 1962 )  
    Eyewitness identification plays an important role in court judge. DNA evidence shows that identification maybe not reliable. Psychologists try to understand variables influence the accuracy of identification. This article introduces the development of eyewitness identification in the west, analyzes estimator variables and system variables that influence the performance of eyewitness identification, and then discusses the problems of theory relevant and external validity
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    Studies and Disputes on Personal Advertisements in the West
    Yue Guoan,Zhang Yanyan,Chen Hao
    2005, 13 (2):  248-256. 
    Abstract ( 2014 )   PDF (403KB) ( 4012 )  
    The paper reviews the studies and disputes concerning mate selection criteria and strategies based on personal advertisements(ads) in the west since 1970’s up to date, of which theoretic perspectives contain evolutionary psychology, social learning and social exchange theories. And the emphasis and methods of the studies vary with time from traditional heterosexual mate selection to personal ads’ response rate, primary vs secondary mate marketing, heterosexual vs heterosexual vs bisexual and internet personal ads etc. Then the paper predicts the trend of the studies concerning mate selection based on personal ads should be theoretic assimilation and conformity one another in the future
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