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    Double-edged sword effect of supervisor bottom-line mentality on team innovation
    YANG Mengxi, LIN Yuying, CHEN Wansi, CHEN Xuan, BAO Hongying, LI Xinyu
    Abstract238)   PDF (556KB)(38)   
    Online available: 09 November 2022

    Reply: Workplace Telepressure in The Information and Communications Technology Era
    SUN Hui, XU Jie
    Abstract188)   PDF (719KB)(42)   
    Online available: 09 November 2022

    Functional brain network supporting human spatial navigation
    KONG Xiang-Zhen, ZHANG Fengxiang, PU Yi
    Abstract49)   PDF (656KB)(7)   
    Online available: 09 November 2022

    The advantages and disadvantages of interpersonal anger: Evidence from meta-analysis
    WANG Xudong, HE Yaji, FAN, Huiyong, LUO Yangmei, CHEN Xuhai
    Abstract109)   PDF (2970KB)(23)   
    Online available: 09 November 2022

    Family resilience theory in the risk coping context: Evolution, value and challenge
    AN Yeqing, QI Shisan, ZENG Xiaoye, JIN Tonglin, CAO Chengxu
    Abstract152)   PDF (830KB)(34)   
    Online available: 04 November 2022

    The effect of sleep on fear learning and its cognitive neural mechanisms
    ZHANG Jie, ZHANG Huoyin, LI Hong, LEI Yi
    Abstract386)   PDF (509KB)(19)   
    Online available: 04 November 2022

    Legs move, thoughts flow: Physical exercise influences creative thinking
    LI Qingyang, YIN Junting, LUO Junlong
    Abstract143)   PDF (483KB)(46)   
    Online available: 27 October 2022

    Is uncertainty bad? Mixed findings and explanatory model of error processing under uncertainty
    YANG Qing, LI Yaqin
    Abstract69)   PDF (675KB)(29)   
    Online available: 23 October 2022

    The Double-edged Sword Effect of Consumers’ Photo-taking Behavior on Consumption Experience
    LIU Hongyan, ZHENG Yun, LIU Yaozhong, QIAO Fei
    Abstract60)   PDF (696KB)(29)   
    Online available: 21 October 2022

    Sensible Warmth and Competence: the Role of Physiological Cues in Social Cognition
    CHENG Jieting, SHI Mengwei
    Abstract112)   PDF (418KB)(32)   
    Online available: 14 October 2022

    The Big Data Analysis of Cultural Psychology
    WU Michael Shengtao, MAO Yunyun, WU Shuhan, FENG Jianren, ZHANG Qingpeng, XIE Tian, CHEN Hao, ZHU Tingshao
    Abstract476)   PDF (649KB)(112)   
    Online available: 14 October 2022

    Effects of acute versus chronic pain on reward processing and the underlying neural mechanisms involved
    LIU Peihan, ZHANG Huoyin, ZHANG Xukai, LI Hong, LEI Yi
    Abstract116)   PDF (839KB)(38)   
    Online available: 09 October 2022