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    Family and Child Development: A Research Area with Life-force
    Fang Xiaoyi
    2005, 13 (3):  257-259. 
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    Effect of Father Absence on Child’s Mental Development
    Yang Lizhu,Dong Guangheng
    2005, 13 (3):  260-266. 
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    The father’s influence on child’s mental development was being concerned. The study of father absence makes it possible to compare personality of children between father absent families and father present ones, from which they can find the effect of father. So it became the most popular method in the study of father’s influence. This paper summarized the main research points on father absence at present, including the effect of father absence on children’s sex role development, the effect on children’s moral development and delinquent behavior, the effect on their interpersonal problem solving skills, the effect on child’s separation-individuation development, etc. In the end, we gave some advice for future researches.
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    Intergeneration Transmission of Attachment Patterns
    Chen Lin,Sang Biao
    2005, 13 (3):  267-275. 
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    Recently, there were many studies about intergeneration transmission of attachment patterns in Development Psychology. The summary was made up of the theory; measurement methods; some studies’ results and the significance about these studies. Mind-mindedness can be as a internal mechanism to interpret the intergeneration transmission of attachment patterns.
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    Adjustment Problems of Divorced Children
    Wang Yongli,Yu Guoliang
    2005, 13 (3):  276-282. 
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    With the divorced children increasing quickly, their adjustment problems become the main topic of the study. In this article, the authors presented issues as following, the exhibition of divorced children’s adjustment problems, the theories of the study of divorced children’s adjustment problems, the new characteristics of the study of divorced children’s adjustment problems, and having a prospective review for the future study in this field.
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    Family Social Capital and Child Development
    Li Hongli,Chang Lei
    2005, 13 (3):  283-289. 
    Abstract ( 2861 )   PDF (561KB) ( 3833 )  
    Family social capital had been applied to family development’s study. Family social capital as the identified factor that affects children’s developmental outcome, was replicated by some studies. The present paper reviewed the findings around family social capital and child development. Variables that may influence family social capital, and affected developmental outcome was from family social capital, were discussed. The authors also summarized the features of family social capital studies, and discussed the future trend of family social capital.
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    The History, Present condition and Trend of the Research on Fathering Pattern in the Western
    Wang Li
    2005, 13 (3):  290-297. 
    Abstract ( 2037 )   PDF (560KB) ( 4610 )  
    The fathering pattern is becoming an important part of the parenting pattern. This thesis summed up the development of fathering pattern of many main researches on the nurturing instincts of father, father involvement, father’ influence on the sex role development of children and children’s self-identify and so on. The thesis also summed up the features of the researches and put forward the disadvantages and the trend of the research in this field.
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    A Summary of Parenting Style And Children’s Development in China
    Wang Li, Fu Jinzhi
    2005, 13 (3):  298-304. 
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    In recent years, the psychologist and educational researchers in China proved that parenting style has considerable influence on children’s cognitive development, social emotion, character and explored the influential factors to guide and improve the parenting style. On the other hand, they also achieved some different effects from the west under the Chinese cultural background.
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    Behavioral Genetics: Studies on Life from Macroscopic to Microcosmic Perspective
    Bai Yunjing,Zheng Xigeng,Ge Xiaojia,Sui Nan
    2005, 13 (3):  305-313. 
    Abstract ( 1991 )   PDF (580KB) ( 3502 )  
    Behavioral genetics is an interdiscipline based on the development of several branches of science. Dating from the end of 19th century, behavioral genetics has placed us in the third century. Whether from Mendel’s single-gene law to interplay between multiple genes and environmental factors explaining complex human behaviors, or from traditional quantitative genetics to linkage and association studies and then to applying tools of functional genomics, there have been revolutionary breakthroughs in behavioral genetics. Although a clear elucidation of how genes affect behaviors is still in the fetal stage, there is little doubt that the development of behavioral genetics will provide a better understanding of behaviors of human beings, relieve the suffering from some complex disorders and ultimately lead to improvement of the whole society.
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    Cognitive Neuroscience Research on Recollection and Familiarity
    Fan Xiaoyan,Guo Chunyan
    2005, 13 (3):  314-319. 
    Abstract ( 2147 )   PDF (545KB) ( 1812 )  
    The dual-process models suggest that there are two forms of recognition: familiarity and recollection. The results of cognitive neuroscience on recollection and familiarity suggest that they are two functionally dissociable processes, and they rely on qualitatively distinct brain regions or neural mechanisms. The results of amnesic patients indicate that the hippocampal region is critical for recollection, whereas surrounding structures in the medial and inferior temporal lobe are important for familiarity. Familiarity and recollection have different scalp distribution and they are related with left prefrontal regions and later parietal activities separately.
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    Involvement of N-methyl-D-aspartate Receptors in Stress-Induced Behavioral Changes
    Li Huanhuan,Lin Wenjuan
    2005, 13 (3):  320-326. 
    Abstract ( 1300 )   PDF (565KB) ( 1734 )  
    Studies in the physiological psychology field have been focused on the brain mechanisms underlying stress-induced behavioral changes. The role of NMDA receptor (NR) in mediating stress-induced behavioral changes has gained more and more attention. NR is important for synaptic plasticity, brain development, and learning and memory. It has been shown that different stressors up-regulate the level or activity of NR in some brain regions, such as hippocampus and amygdale. Injection of the NR antagonist into these regions prior to stress can reduce stress-induced anxiety and depression, suggesting that NR are important mediators of stress-induced behavioral changes. N-methyl-D-aspartate receptors are important substance related closely with stress response and participate the process of brain damage caused by stress. N-methyl-D-aspartate receptor antagonists may be useful for treatment of stress-related mental disorder, such as recurrent depression, posttraumatic stress disorder. Furthermore, studies on neurogranin, a downstream signal molecule in NR-dependant transduction pathway, provided further information about the mechanisms underlying the effects of stress on behavior.
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    Methods and Strategies of Anxiety and Depression Animal Models Study
    Qi Xiaoli,Lin Wenjuan
    2005, 13 (3):  327-332. 
    Abstract ( 1295 )   PDF (549KB) ( 4667 )  
    Anxiety and depression disorders are severe mental diseases threatening humans’ health. Anxiety and depression animal models are applied to emulate humans’ anxiety and depression disorders on animals administrated psychosocial stress, So that their mechanism at cellular, molecular and genetic levels can be found out. Animal models are usually remarked by face validity, construct validity and predictive validity. Although there are some weakness in animal models now used , they have contributed much to the clinic and basic researches.
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    Long-Term Potentiation of Avain Neural System
    Meng Wei,Liao Suqun,Xiao Peng,Li Dongfeng
    2005, 13 (3):  333-340. 
    Abstract ( 2165 )   PDF (577KB) ( 1662 )  
    Neural mechanism in learning and memory is an important research field for cognitive science. It is necessary to select different kinds of animal for different purposes in studying learning and memory. LTP represents a long-lasting enhancement of synaptic function , is a kind of primary model for synaptic plasticity that underlies learning and memory. Reports on mechanism of LTP mainly came from mammalian before. Birds are special species in animal evolution and have characteristic capabilities in learning and memory. With behavior model of birds, the understanding of LTP and relationship between learning and memory and LTP were carried on.
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    Mitochondrion And Cognitive Aging
    Bu Cuiping,Xi Gengsi
    2005, 13 (3):  341-347. 
    Abstract ( 2111 )   PDF (575KB) ( 2070 )  
    At present, many subjects, such as psychology, biology, sociology, etc, focus their attention on cognitive aging. From the point of view of biology, this paper mainly discussed the relation between the mitochondrion and cognitive aging. The mitochondrion as an important cell organ acts on the cognitive aging in many aspects, such as quantity, distribution, energy supply, Ca2+ concentrations, nerve cell apoptosis, and mitochondrial gene. When mitochondrial functions are abnormal in the aging course, the cognitive function may be influenced by the negative effects. These investigations may offer useful evidences for understanding the cognitive aging mechanism deeply.
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    A Review of Research on Career Plateau
    Xie Baoguo,Long Lirong
    2005, 13 (3):  348-355. 
    Abstract ( 2337 )   PDF (569KB) ( 3025 )  
    Career plateau was described an individual current career status within a particular organization. Ference and his colleagues developed the concept of career plateau, based on organizational career management in 1977. The empirical studies found that career plateau would result in some unfavorable consequences. The article reviewed the research on career plateau from the aspects of its concept, psychological structure, influencing factors, consequences and coping strategies. In the end, some problems and future research direction were put forward.
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    A Review of Supervisory Commitment Theory
    Zhou Mingjian,Bao Gongmin
    2005, 13 (3):  356-365. 
    Abstract ( 1418 )   PDF (592KB) ( 2088 )  
    Supervisory commitment, a branch of employee commitment theory, arose in 1980’s and developed based on organizational commitment. The scholars measured it using Allen & Meyer’s and O’Reilly & Chatman’s organizational commitment scales, while replacing the word “organization” with “supervisor”. Chen Zhen-xiong, from Hong Kong, has measured supervisory commitment most systematically. Culture, PSS (Perceived supervisory support) and LMX (Leader-member exchange) are the three antecedents of supervisory commitment scholars have found. And they all evidenced that supervisory commitment had more effects on job performance and organizational citizenship behavior than organizational commitment, but not all of them had the same views on job satisfaction and turnover intention. Hunt & Morgan evidenced that supervisory commitment lead to organizational commitment, but few scholars have followed this opinion. The authors point out four prospects for the future research.
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    Preliminary Research on Piaget’s New Theory in His Later Years
    Jiang Jingchuan
    2005, 13 (3):  366-371. 
    Abstract ( 2283 )   PDF (560KB) ( 3693 )  
    Piaget’s classical theory of cognitive development, though considered classic, was not completely satisfactory and so it was criticized frequently in the 1960s and 1970s. This article began with the introduction of the reasons why it was criticized and challenged, followed by the theory reconstruction effort in Piaget’s later years and then the author tried to give preliminary evaluation on Piaget’s new theory. Author pointed out Piaget’s new theory based on these new concepts of correspondence, morphism, category and transform. Moreover, it regard development as a evolvement process from intramorphism to intermorphism to transmorphism. Therefore, Piaget’s new theory emphasized the concept of level and meaning logic, weakened the concept of stage and proposition logic.
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    The Psychology of Religion in the USA: History, Present Situation and Problems
    Chen Yongsheng,Lu Liqing,Liang Henghao
    2005, 13 (3):  372-378. 
    Abstract ( 1837 )   PDF (562KB) ( 3178 )  
    Based on reviewing its history, the present situation of research on psychology of religion in the USA was analysed. Psychology of religion in the USA has demonstrated a rise, fall, and resurgence course over the years. Religious perspective, religious experience, and religious behavior are the fundamental dimensions of research on psychology of religion in the USA, and the relations between religion and personality, religion and mental health are in the prominent position. The divergences of two faculties and methods used by psychology-oriented researchers should be paid much attention.
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    The Dialogue between the Postmodern Psychologist and the Modern Psychologist
    Yang Ying,Guo Yongyu
    2005, 13 (3):  379-384. 
    Abstract ( 1027 )   PDF (546KB) ( 1648 )  
    When the modern psychology was up against many dilemmas, the postmodern psychology, which adopted the new angle of view and the standpoint of the postmodernism severely, criticized and reanalyzed the every aspect of the modern psychology. Every psychologist had different viewpoints on the postmodern psychology, so the people who supported the modern psychology carried out many hassles with those who held with the postmodern psychology. This article summarized those arguments in the recent ten years, including the psychological epistemology、the study’s quality、the study’s method and the postmodern psychological contribution in the western psychology. When presenting those arguments, the author also gave some comments. The aim of doing so was to make the psychological development more clear, and let us comprehend more about both the theory construction of the postmodern psychology and the modern psychology, so the field of psychology would get more findings.
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