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 Psychological issues inside social governance
XIN Ziqiang
Advances in Psychological Science    2018, 26 (1): 1-13.   DOI: 10.3724/SP.J.1042.2018.00001
Abstract   PDF (514KB)
 In recent years, some psychologists began to pay attention to psychological issues in social governance. To correctly identify these research issues and problems, we should realize that the core of social governance is human being, on the basis of the psychological essence of social governance. Concretely, the subject of social governance is human beings such as civil servants, social workers and citizens; the object of the governance is social affairs related to human beings; the process of the governance is the activity of group decision making carried out by multiple subjects; and one pathway to good governance is mind construction. Therefore, psychological research should focus on the innate issues inside social governance, including the governance competences of various subjects, realistic social psychological problems as the object of governance, the psychological process of group decision making, and the strategies and solutions of mind construction. Research on these issues would produce an original framework of “social governance psychology”, and achieve the goal of “good governance based on mind”.
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