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心理科学进展 ›› 2021, Vol. 29 ›› Issue (6): 1010-1021.doi: 10.3724/SP.J.1042.2021.01010

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黄元娜, 李云箫, 李纾()   

  1. 中国科学院行为科学重点实验室(中国科学院心理研究所), 北京 100101
    中国科学院大学心理学系, 北京 100049
  • 收稿日期:2020-06-23 出版日期:2021-06-15 发布日期:2021-04-25
  • 通讯作者: 李纾
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How can a selected and a rejected option turn out to be the same one?

HUANG Yuan-Na, LI Yun-Xiao, LI Shu()   

  1. CAS Key Laboratory of Behavioral Science, Institute of Psychology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing 100101, China
    Department of Psychology, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing 100049, China
  • Received:2020-06-23 Online:2021-06-15 Published:2021-04-25
  • Contact: LI Shu


选项的排列和描述方式会对人们的决策产生重大影响, 选择和拒绝反应模式作为描述方式中的特殊变式, 其研究价值和应用潜力被研究者低估。靠“选择和拒绝”反应模式达成决策时的差异表现在认知努力、选择注意力、决策标准等5个层面, 近30年来逐渐发展出了丰富选项范式、分阶段缩小技术和直接询问法等研究范式, 并探索出兼容性假说、承诺假说和强调假说等较为成熟的理论假说, 用以阐述选择和拒绝反应模式差异的内在机制。选择和拒绝反应模式已在消费者行为、医疗卫生等领域中发挥出实在的推动作用, 未来研究可考虑着眼于选择和拒绝反应模式作为助推手段的应用价值和助推实践。

关键词: 反应模式, 选择和拒绝, 选择架构, 机制, 助推


Decisions can be remarkably influenced by how an option is framed and elicited. However, as a special variant of the elicited method, the potential value and application of selection and rejection have been traditionally underestimated by researchers. The discrepancies between selection and rejection can be represented in five aspects, including cognitive effort, attention, decision criteria, and so on. Over the past 30 years, the enrichment paradigm, phased narrowing technique, and direct inquiry methods have gradually developed as paradigms. These have helped explore some relatively mature theoretical hypotheses, such as compatibility principle, commitment hypothesis, and accentuation hypothesis, to illustrate the inherent mechanism of the difference between the selection and rejection response modes. Meanwhile, the selection and rejection response mode has played a driving role in consumer behavior, health care, and other areas. Future studies may consider the application value and promotion practice of the selection and rejection response mode as a tool of nudging. This work attempts to shed light on the knowledge of selection and rejection as well as showing new applications for future research.

Key words: response mode, selection and rejection, choice architecture, mechanism, nudge