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  1. 西南师范大学心理学系暨研究所,西南师范大学心理学系暨研究所 重庆400715华南师范大学兼职教授 ,重庆400715
  • 出版日期:2001-08-25 发布日期:2001-08-25
  • 通讯作者: 黄希庭


Huang Xiting\ Zhang Zhijie (Institute and Department of Psychology,Southwest China Normal University,Chongqing\ 400715)   

  • Online:2001-08-25 Published:2001-08-25

摘要: 时间管理倾向是个体在运用时间方式上所表现出来的心理和行为特征 ,具有多维度多层次的心理结构。参照有关文献并结合国内的广泛调查研究 ,编制出我国青少年时间管理倾向量表。通过对 10 2 7名大中学生的探索性因素分析和 5 0 7名大中学生的验证性因素分析 ,结果表明时间管理倾向问卷由时间价值感 (社会取向和个人取向的时间价值感 )、时间监控观 (设置目标、计划、优先级、时间分配和反馈性 )和时间效能感 (时间管理效能和时间管理行为效能 )三个维度构成。该量表的因素结构清晰 ,信度和效度较好 ,可以作为评鉴青少年时间管理倾向的有效工具。

关键词: 青少年, 时间管理, 时间管理倾向量表

Abstract: Time is the most precious resource in business and society,which can be effectively managed and used However,the way people subjectively experience and utilize time varies substantially between people But in psychological study, research such as time attitude,time experience,time structure,are related to the subjective experience and utilization of time At present Time Management Questionnaire and Time Management Behavior Scale is used abroad to evaluate the way individuals utilize time The time management disposition reflects the way that individuals make of use and controls his time,and it can be considered as a kind of personality trait which is a multi dimension and multi level mental structure The study aims at developing the Time Management Disposition Inventory for Chinese adolescents \ \ With studies abroad and our preliminary investigation as base,the Adolescence Time Management Disposition Inventory has been compiled According to the results of 1207 adolescents by exploratory factor analysis,the time management disposition is consisted of the sense of time value (it included social oriented time value and individual oriented time value),the sense of time control (it included setting goals,planning,priorities,time allocation,and feedback)and the sense of time efficacy (it included efficacy of time management and efficacy of time management behaviors) The confirmatory factor analysis was used to verify the construct validity with the result of other 507 adolescents,the goodness of fit of three dimension model was better than other unconstrianed models Compared with the three scales on time management abroad (Time Management Questionnaire,Time Management Behavior Scale and Time Structure Questionnaire),Time management Dispositon Inventory has content validity The reliability analysis provided Cronbach α and retest correlation,which indicated the inventory had internal and temporal consistency \ \ All the results indicated Time Management Disposition Inventory had clear factor structure,good reliability and validity It can be used to assess the time management disposition for Chinese adolescence

Key words: Adolescence, time management, Time Management Disposition Inventory