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心理学报 ›› 2001, Vol. 33 ›› Issue (1): 63-67.

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  1. 暨南大学人力资源管理研究所!广州510632,清华大学经管学院!北京100084,中国科学院心理研究所!北京100101
  • 出版日期:2001-02-25 发布日期:2001-02-25
  • 通讯作者: 凌文辁


Ling Wenquan (Institute of Human Resource Management, Jinan University, Guangzhou, 510632) Zhang Dingkun (College of Economic and Management, Qinghua University, Beijing 100084) Fang Liluo (Institute of Psychology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing 100   

  • Online:2001-02-25 Published:2001-02-25

摘要: 在对保险推销员自我效能感进行理论分析、现场访谈和问卷调查之基础上,采用探索性因素分析和验证性因素分析技术,对保险推销员自我效能感的内在结构进行了探讨。结果表明,保险推销员自我效能感由八个因素构成,即:晤谈技能、仪态、毅力、情绪调节、知识掌握、计划总结、直觉判断和前期准备。在此基础上,依据心理测量学原理和方法研制了保险推销员自我效能感量表。由此,保险推销员应从这八个方面来判断自己保险推销的总体素质。

关键词: 保险推销员, 自我效能感, 量表建构

Abstract: This research explored the intra-structure of the self-efficacy of insurance salesmen by the exploratory factor analysis and the confirmatory factor analysi s on the basis of theoretical analysis, interview and questionnaire surveying. T he results showed that self-efficacy of insurance salesmen in China consists of eight factors which are: Factor 1: Interview skills. In the conversation the sal esmen can self-supervise whenever necessary, adjusting one’s way of talking and contents promptly; can read the thought of customers and then continue or stop the conversation. Factor 2: Manner. The salesmen have to be suited to the occasi on, keep good appearance, fine and steady conversation, style, and glamorous and appealing temperament and so on. Factor 3: Persistence. The salesmen have to vi sit the customer on the original schedule even though it is windy and raining or they are weary in body and mind, or they suffer defeats continuously and so on. Factor 4: Control of emotion. The salesmen can adjust their mood while the cust omer refuses them or the customer is impervious to reason. The salesmen can adop t an optimistic attitude and so on. Factor 5: Master of knowledge. The salesmen learna lot of various knowledge about the insurance, can satisfactorily answer t he customer’s questions, make satisfying plan for the customers who want to mak e their insurance and so on. Factor 6: Plans and comments. The salesmen carry on their job and life according to the schedule. They have a clear quantity aim, w hich they have to achieve every month and every season and so on. Factor 7: Prep aration. Before the formal interview with an important customer, the salesmen al ready grasp the customer’s various information and have the image of the custom er and so on. Factor 8: Intuition and judgment. While the salesmen face new cust omers they can very quickly gain a clear idea of the customer’s social status, income situation, educational level, interest and so on. The Scale of Sefl-effic acy of Insurance Salesmen was made according to the principles and methods of ps ychological surveying. The insurance salesmen have to estimate their diathesis o f insurance sales by these eight factors.

Key words: insurance salesmen, self-efficacy, questionnaire development