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心理科学进展 ›› 2019, Vol. 27 ›› Issue (9): 1643-1655.doi: 10.3724/SP.J.1042.2019.01643

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王忠军1(), 张丽瑶1, 杨茵茵1, 王仁华1, 彭义升2   

  1. 1. 华中师范大学心理学院 暨青少年网络心理与行为教育部重点实验室、湖北省人的发展与心理健康 重点实验室, 武汉 430079
    2. 美国霍夫斯特拉大学心理学系, 纽约 11549
  • 收稿日期:2018-07-13 出版日期:2019-09-15 发布日期:2019-07-24
  • 通讯作者: 王忠军
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Job crafting in late career stage and successful aging at work

WANG Zhongjun1(), ZHANG Liyao1, YANG Yinyin1, WANG Renhua1, PENG Yisheng2   

  1. 1 School of Psychology, Central China Normal University; Key Laboratory of Adolescent Cyberpsychology and Behavior, Ministry of Education; Key Laboratory of Human Development and Mental Health of Hubei Province, Wuhan 430079, China
    2 Department of Psychology, Hofstra University, New York 11549, USA
  • Received:2018-07-13 Online:2019-09-15 Published:2019-07-24
  • Contact: WANG Zhongjun


随着人口快速老龄化, 劳动人口中老年人的比重持续扩大。工作中成功老龄化(successful aging at work)积极看待工作中的老龄化过程, 指出老年员工不仅能很好地适应自身与工作变化, 还能为组织持续创造价值、发挥“余热”, 进而有助于缓解劳动力老龄化和年轻劳动力短缺所带来的难题。工作重塑(job crafting)作为员工的一种主动性行为, 与个体和环境因素的交互作用, 能有效帮助老年员工实现可持续的人-环境匹配和资源有效管理, 适应年龄与工作环境的变化, 在职业生涯晚期带来积极的工作结果, 最终实现工作中成功老龄化。工作中成功老龄化、老年员工工作重塑的概念和测量皆须进一步研究, 进而深入开展老年员工工作重塑对工作中成功老龄化的作用机制及干预方法实证研究。

关键词: 老年员工, 工作中成功老龄化, 工作重塑, 老龄化


As the world’s population is increasingly aging, the proportion of older workers in the labor force continues to increase. The successful aging at work adopts a positive perspective to understand the aging process at work. It points out that older employees not only can adapt well to the changes of themselves and work, but also can continuously contributes to the organization, which can help ease the challenges posed by the aging workforce and the shortage of young labor force. Job crafting involves proactive behaviors at work. By interacting with individual and environmental factors, it can effectively help older employees secure sustainable person-environment fit, manage resources effectively, and adapt to aging and work-related changes. Job crafting can lead to many positive work outcomes in the late career stage, and thus ultimately help older workers age successfully at work. It is recommended that future research should pay attention to the conceptualization and measurement of successful aging at work and job crafting, based on which researchers could further investigate the effect of job crafting on employees’ successful aging at work and the underlying mechanisms. Intervention studies on job crafting and successful aging at work are also recommended.

Key words: older employees, successful aging at work, job crafting, aging