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 王 燕;  林镇超;  侯博文;  孙时进   

  1.  (复旦大学心理学系, 上海 200433)
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The intrinsic mechanism of life history trade-offs: The mediating role of control striving

 WANG Yan; LIN Zhenchao; HOU Bowen; SUN Shijin   

  1. (Department of Psychology, Fudan University, Shanghai 200433, China)
  • Received:2016-07-24 Online:2017-06-25 Published:2020-12-07
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摘要:  本研究基于生命史理论框架, 通过整合生命史理论以及毕生发展动机理论的研究, 进一步探索并验证生命史权衡的内在机制:动机控制策略(而非控制感)的中介效应。研究1采取问卷调查的方法, 选取Mini-K量表以及首要–次级控制优化量表, 结果表明, 最优化策略、选择性首要控制以及选择性次级控制均发挥中介作用。研究2采用实验法, 针对性地验证暴露在负性环境线索中的个体的最优化策略是否起中介作用, 结果表明, 最优化策略中介童年社会经济地位和延迟满足的关系。

关键词:  生命史理论, 生命史权衡, 内在机制, 动机控制策略, 中介效应

Abstract:  This research integrates the life history theory and motivational theory of life-span development by exploring the intrinsic mechanism of life history trade-offs. Empirical work consists of two studies, both of which demonstrate the fact that control striving should be the intrinsic mechanism of life history trade-offs. Study One: 167 females and 63 males with a mean age of 26.6 years old (SD = 6.81) were measured with the inventories of Mini-K and Optimization in Primary and Secondary Control with the priming of “Recalling the important key events in your past life …” in instructions. The results showed that Optimization, Selective Primary Control (SPC) and Selective Secondary Control (SSC) statistically mediated the effect of childhood economic environment on life history trade-offs respectively, with Compensatory Primary Control (CPC) and Compensatory Secondary Control (CSC) showing the similar statistical tendency. Study Two: 36 females and 35 males with a mean age of 26.9 years old (SD = 3.42) attended experiments in study 2. Through a rigorous experimental design with the priming of mortality cues, results showed that Optimization significantly mediated the effect of the individual’s childhood economic status on delayed rewards under negative environmental condition.

Key words:  life history theory, life history trade-offs, intrinsic mechanism, control striving, mediating effect


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