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心理科学进展 ›› 2021, Vol. 29 ›› Issue (1): 70-78.doi: 10.3724/SP.J.1042.2021.00070

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孙丽君1,2, 马小龙2,3, 杨玉芳2()   

  1. 1南京航空航天大学 艺术学院, 南京 211106
    2中国科学院心理研究所 行为科学重点实验室, 北京 100101
    3中国科学院大学心理学系, 北京 100049
  • 收稿日期:2020-04-03 出版日期:2021-01-15 发布日期:2020-11-23
  • 通讯作者: 杨玉芳
  • 基金资助:
    * 国家自然科学基金(31470985);国家自然科学基金(31971034);中国博士后科学基金(Y9BH032001)

The influences of auditory cues and individual differences on the processing of musical tension

SUN Lijun1,2, MA Xiaolong2,3, YANG Yufang2()   

  1. 1College of Art, Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Nanjing, 211106, China
    2CAS Key Laboratory of Behavioral Science, Institute of Psychology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing 100101, China
    3Department of Psychology, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing 100049, China
  • Received:2020-04-03 Online:2021-01-15 Published:2020-11-23
  • Contact: YANG Yufang


音乐无他, 张弛而已。音乐紧张感架起了客观音响与主观体验之间的桥梁, 是音乐情绪产生的前提和基础。音乐紧张感加工的影响因素主要来自客体与主体两方面。研究发现, 声学要素与调性结构是影响音乐紧张感诱发的声音线索, 而文化背景与音乐能力是影响听者对紧张感加工的个体因素。未来需要对时间结构与长时程调性结构诱发的紧张感及其机制进行深入探究, 这将有助于深化我们对音乐紧张感与情绪加工的认识。

关键词: 音乐紧张感, 调性结构, 声学要素, 文化背景, 音乐能力


The pattern of tension-relaxation is an essential component in music. Musical tension, building a bridge between objective sound and subjective experience, is important for the generation of musical emotion. On the one hand, musical tension is influenced by acoustic elements and structural organizations of tonal hierarchy, which is supported by theoretic models and empirical studies. On the other hand, musical tension experienced by listeners is also affected by individual differences, such as cultural background and musical ability. Future studies should pay more attention to musical tension induced by temporal structure and large-scale tonal structure. Meanwhile, the mechanism of tension induction also needs to be examined, which will be helpful to deepen our understanding of tension and emotion processing in music.

Key words: musical tension, tonal structure, acoustic elements, cultural background, music ability