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  • 出版日期:1983-09-25 发布日期:1983-09-25
  • 通讯作者: 修订韦氏成人智力量表全国协作组


Gong Yao-xian   

  • Online:1983-09-25 Published:1983-09-25

摘要: <正> 韦氏成人智力量表(Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale简称WAIS)是美国DavidWechsler于1955年根据他在1939年编制的智力量表(W—BI)修订而成的。WAIS广泛用于英语国家,同时也有许多其他国家的修订本。它对教育和医学工作者均很有用。我们根据实际工作者的需要以及中国心理学会医学心理专业委员会的倡议,对这一量表进行

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Abstract: Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale (WAIS) has been widely used inEnglish speaking countries and revised in many other languages.In China,we are also in need of such a scale for estimation or determinationof intelligence levels of adults.We started in 1979 to have WAIS revised soas to make its various contents useful and applicable to Chinese subjectsliving in urban districts or countrysides.The revision work was completedin 1981.In order to avoid confusion with the works of others we call ourrevision "WAIS-RC". Altogether we investigated 2029 urban subjects and 992 persons in ruralareas scattered in 21 different provinces of China.A stratified sampling planwas adopted to insure that representative proportions of various age,sex,education and occupation would be included in the standardization sample.And,Two separate norms,the urban and the rural,were made. The reliability and validity of WAIS-RC should be mentioned,for theformer,three testing methods are:(1) A split-half procedure (odd vs.evenitems)——the result scores of each half are against the other compared;(2)The intercorrelations of eleven WAIS-RC tests are calculated;and (3)Testand retest——1—5 weeks later a second test is appended to the same subjectand the scores of the tests at different times are compared.The reliablity ofWAIS-RC has been well proved through these methods.As to the validity,two points are very distinguishing;(1) in our records,the higher theedcational accomplishments of our subjects,the better the test scores,(2)the more the subjects approach old age,the lower their test scores.Theseare in good agreement with one's general experiences.Hence,the validityof WAIS-RC is also well proven.

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