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›› 2003, Vol. 11 ›› Issue (5): 551-554.

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Oversea Researches on Implicit Self-esteem

Zhang Zhen   

  1. Cangzhou School, Hebein Medical University, Cangzhou 061000
  • Received:2002-08-15 Revised:1900-01-01 Online:2003-09-15 Published:2003-09-15

Abstract: As one research direction of implicit social cognition, Implicit self-esteem is the introspectively unidentified effect of the self-attitude on evaluation of self-associated and self-dissociated objective. According to recent findings, Greenwald and Banaji generalized implicit self-esteem effects into three types: experimental implicit self-esteem, including effect of role playing, mere ownership and minimal group effect; naturally mediated implicit self-esteem, including similarity-attraction in sociality, cognitive responses to persuasion, postdecisional spreading of choice alternative, preference for name letter; second order implicit self-esteem, including self-positivity in judgment, Implicit affiliation and rejection, displaced self-esteem

Key words: implicit self-esteem, experimental implicit self-esteem, naturally mediated implicit self-esteem, second order implicit self-esteem

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