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  1. (山东师范大学心理学院, 济南 250014)
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A new field of social memory: Socially shared retrieval-induced forgetting

BAI Lu; MAO Weibin; LI Zhiya   

  1. (School of Psychology, Shandong Normal University, Jinan 250014, China)
  • Received:2015-08-10 Online:2016-05-15 Published:2016-05-15
  • Contact: MAO Weibin, E-mail:


社会性共同提取诱发遗忘以提取诱发遗忘的研究范式为基础, 重点关注在社会情境中说者对听者记忆的影响, 是社会性记忆研究的一个新领域。基于对不同材料类型社会性共同提取诱发遗忘研究的梳理, 探讨听者参与程度、说者特征及说者与听者之间的社会关系、提取时的搜索策略、情绪效价以及个体差异因素对社会性共同提取诱发遗忘产生的影响。研究表明, 社会性共同提取诱发遗忘在群体中对促进群体成员记忆趋同方面的作用以及在连续社会互动中的可传递性对集体记忆的形成有重要贡献。未来研究仍需对社会性共同提取诱发遗忘的影响因素、产生机制及相关脑机制以及应用方面做进一步探索。

关键词: 社会性记忆, 社会性共同提取诱发遗忘, 提取诱发遗忘, 集体记忆


Based on the retrieval-induced forgetting paradigm, socially shared retrieval-induced forgetting focuses on how the selective retrieval of the speaker according to his own memory influences the listener’s memory under social settings. This becomes a new field of social memory research.The impacts of several factors including the involvement levels of listener, the characteristics of the speaker, social relationship between speaker and listener, search strategy during retrieval, emotional valence and individual differences for socially shared retrieval-induced forgetting were investigated by many studies with different kinds of materials.Lots of researches demonstrated that socially shared retrieval-induced forgetting not only promoted the memory convergence of group members, but also promoted the propagation in a small sequence of social interactions, which both have great influences on the formation of collective memory. Further studies should be conducted to explore influence factors, underlying mechanisms, related brain substrates and applications of socially shared retrieval-induced forgetting in social settings.

Key words: social memory, socially shared retrieval-induced forgetting, retrieval-induced forgetting, collective memory