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  1. (1首都师范大学教育学院, 北京 100048) (2北京体育大学运动心理学教研室, 北京 100084)
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Guilt from the Perspective of Morality: An Intergrated Review

ZHANG Kun1; FANG Ping1; JIANG Yuan2; YU Yue1; OUYANG Henglei1   

  1. (1 Department of Psychology, School of Education, Capital Normal University, Beijing 100048, China) (2 Division of Sport Psychology, Beijing Sport University, Beijing 100084, China)
  • Received:2013-12-28 Online:2014-10-15 Published:2014-10-15
  • Contact: FANG Ping, E-mail:


几十年来, 内疚备受国内外研究者的关注, 其研究多从儿童发展、心理健康等方面展开。而近些年, 研究者关注的焦点开始转向内疚的道德层面, 即关注人际交往或社会事件中情绪的道德价值。内疚作为一种道德情绪, 是伴随道德意识的发展而发展的, 在维持和修复社会关系以及情绪情感发展中起着重要作用。因此, 文章从道德视角对内疚的界定、产生机制、行为反应以及亲社会作用等方面进行了梳理和探讨, 以期为国内的同类研究提供一些新的线索。

关键词: 内疚, 道德, 补偿, 亲社会作用


For decades, the researches on guilt have attracted significant attention, most of which were focused on the children development and mental health. While in recent years, the focus has been turned to the moral dimension of guilt, concerning more about the moral values of emotions in interpersonal relationship and social events. Guilt, a moral emotion, develops with moral consciousness and plays an important role in maintaining and reconstructing social relations and the development of emotions. From the perspective of morality, this review gives detailed discussions on the definition, generation mechanism, behavioral response and prosocial impacts of guilt. It is hoped that this study can provide some new insights into domestic studies in this field.

Key words: guilt, morality, compensate, prosocial impacts