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    Call for Papers: Special Section on "Psychological Characteristics and Behaviors of Chinese ... "
  • Call for Papers: Special Section on "Psychological Characteristics and Behaviors of Chinese People  in Response to Historical Crisis"

    In the contemporary era of rapid changes of ecological and social conditions, such as global warming and technological development, human beings are facing an unprecedented historical crisis and challenge. When algorithms increasingly replace humans in making decisions and robots take over more and more complex tasks in our lives, for example, what are the strategies that we can use to benefit from the opportunities and, at the same time, cope with the stress and difficulties? More important, how can we help our children develop competencies, abilities, and skills that allow them to function flexibly and effectively in the future? From the experience of extensive adversities and sufferings over the past thousands of years, the Chinese society, representing the unique civilization that has kept developing without interruption in human history, has accumulated comprehensive knowledge and wisdom in responding to crises and challenges. How the knowledge and wisdom help us, particularly the young generations, adapt and achieve success in the new environment is an interesting and important question for researchers and professionals. 

    In preparation to highlight research on patterns of psychological and behavioral functioning that reflect the influence of traditional Chinese culture at the 30th International Congress of Applied Psychology (ICAP 2022 in Beijing) and to promote further exploration in this area, we plan to organize a special section in Acta Psychologica Sinica on “Psychological Characteristics and Behaviors of Chinese People in Response to Historical Crisis”, in collaboration with the Beijing Society of Social Psychology. The section will focus on theorical discussions and empirical studies of individual cognitive and socioemotional characteristics and behaviors from a Chinese cultural perspective.    
    This special section will include papers invited by the editor-in-chief and submitted by authors. All submitted papers will undergo the journal’s regular peer review process. Potential contributors should first submit a letter of intent including an abstract/outline. The guest editors will review the suitability of the proposed paper for the special section and give early feedback. However, an invitation to submit a full paper is not a guarantee of acceptance. Submitted manuscripts will undergo an initial screen by the editors, and papers that appear appropriate for this special section will be sent out for peer review. It is important to note that for papers focusing on a theoretical discussion or speculation, the author should provide explicit and specific suggestions about how to investigate the issues in a scientifically rigorous manner. Letters of intent and full manuscripts should be submitted through the "Author Submission" system of the Journal ( When you submit through the online submission portal, please indicate the manuscript is for the Special Section.

    Deadlines for Submission:  December 30, 2019

    Submission Requirements:  Manuscripts can be in either Chinese or English (a Chinese title and a Chinese abstract need to be added for an English manuscript).  Manuscripts should be prepared in accordance with the publication guidelines of the Journal.  

    Zhang Kan, former editor-in-chief of Acta Psychologica Sinica

    Li Shu, editor-in-chief of Acta Psychologica Sinica

    Guest Editors:  Zhang Kan, Liu Li, Zhang Jianxin, Wang Junxiu, Wang Hui, Xu Yan, Cai Huajian, Chen Xinyin

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