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   2011, Vol. 19 Issue (7) : 1047-1053     DOI:
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Political Candidates’ Appearances-based Trait Inferences and Voting Decisions
YANG Zhao-Ning;HOU Shu-Wei
Department of Psychology, Qufu Normal University, Qufu 273165, China
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Abstract  In political election context voters seem to make the competence trait inference and warmth trait inference from the candidates’ faces, which indicates that candidates’ faces affect voting behavior of voters. The appearance-based trait inferences, facial attractiveness, facial maturity, facial expression and facial familiarity play important roles in predicting electoral outcomes. Recently, research of behavior study on predicting the outcomes from candidates’ appearances has been expanded to study the neural mechanisms. For example, scanned by fMRI, activations were observed in the amygdala, insula and ventral anterior cingulate, when the subjects were making negative trait judgments and voting behavior. Whereas the subjects watching the winning candidates showed no differential brain activations. To find out the reason of the candidates’ face effect, researchers have explained it from cognitive and evolutional adapting view. Finally because there existed defect in experiment materials and contents of the previous researches, this also indicates the direction of future research.
Keywords competence trait      warmth trait      facial attractiveness      facial maturity      facial familiarity      facial expression     
Corresponding Authors: YANG Zhao-Ning   
Issue Date: 15 July 2011
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YANG Zhao-Ning
HOU Shu-Wei
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YANG Zhao-Ning,HOU Shu-Wei. Political Candidates’ Appearances-based Trait Inferences and Voting Decisions[J]. , 2011, 19(7): 1047-1053.
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