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  1. (武汉大学经济与管理学院, 武汉 430072)
  • 收稿日期:2015-01-07 发布日期:2016-04-25 出版日期:2016-04-25
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Why employees help colleagues: A multilevel study on leader-member exchange and helping behavior

LIU Yun; LI Yanping; TU Yidong   

  1. (School of Economics and Management, Wuhan University, Wuhan 430072, China)
  • Received:2015-01-07 Online:2016-04-25 Published:2016-04-25
  • Contact: LI Yanping, E-mail: cn
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基于社会交换理论, 以56名直属主管和274名下属的配对数据为样本, 考察了多层次的领导–部属交换对个体和团队层次上的帮助行为的影响及作用过程。跨层次分析结果表明:(1)个体层次的人际公平中介了个体和团队层次的领导–部属交换对员工帮助行为的影响; (2)团队层次的人际公平氛围中介了团队平均领导–部属交换对个体和团队层次的帮助行为的影响; (3)领导–部属交换关系差异化对个体和团队层次的领导–部属交换与帮助行为之间的正向关系均具有显著的负向调节作用, 即相对于较高的领导–部属交换关系差异化, 较低的领导–部属交换关系差异化强化了个体和团队层次的领导–部属交换对帮助行为的影响。

关键词: 帮助行为, 领导–部属交换, 团队平均领导–部属交换, 人际公平, 人际公平氛围, 领导–部属交换关系差异化


Even though there were several studies explored the relationship between LMX and employee helping behavior, there were three theoretical gaps in the extant research. Based on social exchange theory, this study proposed a homologous multilevel model to explore how multilevel LMX influenced employee and team helping behavior through the interpersonal justice and interpersonal justice climate.

Data was collected from 274 supervisor–subordinate dyads in 56 teams. Confirmatory Factor Analysis (CFA) was conducted to examine the distinctiveness of the three variables. The Hierarchical Linear Models (HLM) was applied to examine the mediation at individual and cross level while the multiple linear regression was used to examine the mediation and moderation at group level. Sobel test was employed to calculate the indirect effect of mediations.

The results revealed that: (1) LMX was positively related to employee helping behavior; (2) LMX Mean was positively related to employee and team helping behavior; (3) interpersonal justice fully mediated the impact LMX and LMX Mean on employee helping behavior; (4) interpersonal justice climate fully mediated the influence LMX Mean on individual and team helping behavior; (5) LMXD negatively moderated the relationship between LMX and helping behavior, as well as the relationship between LMX Mean and team helping behavior such that the effects between them were stronger when LMXD was low rather than high.

This study extended our knowledge how LMX facilitates helping behavior from individual level to multilevel. Moreover, It also explored the multilevel social exchange process between LMX and helping behavior. In practice, managers should improve interpersonal interaction and develop high social exchange quality with members. Moreover, leaders should cultivate positive interpersonal justice climate in the team, furthermore, leaders also should reduce LMXD to avoid the negative consequences.

Key words: helping behavior, LMX, LMX Mean, interpersonal justice, interpersonal justice climate, LMXD