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心理学报 ›› 2001, Vol. 33 ›› Issue (1): 7-12.

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  1. 北京师范大学信息科学学院!北京 100875,北京师范大学心理系!北京100875,北京师范大学心理系!北京100875
  • 出版日期:2001-02-25 发布日期:2001-02-25
  • 通讯作者: 石东方


Shi Dongfang (College of Information Science, Beijing Normal University, Beijing 100875) Shu Hua ; Zhang Houcan (Department of Psychology, Beijing Normal University, Beijing 100875)   

  • Online:2001-02-25 Published:2001-02-25

摘要: 通过操纵动词与后接词的关系,来产生搭配异常并控制句子的可继续性,研究汉语词汇信息在句子加工中的即时作用。实验一利用跨通道技术,发现动-名词搭配异常对目标名词的加工有即时影响,形容词条件下可继续性对目标形容词的加工有即时影响;实验二采用眼动技术,发现名词条件和形容词条件下可继续均有显著的即时影响,结果显示,语义等多种词汇信息被通达后立即共同参与了汉语名子加工。

关键词: 句子理解, 词汇信息, 即时加工, 可继续性

Abstract: Sentence comprehension is a much studied topic in modern cognitive psychology. It is very important to understand the psycholinguistic mechanisms underlying sentence comprehension in Chinese, a language without inflections. Because the lexical information of verb form a “Main Frame” of a sentence, more recent English studies are concerned more with the immediate effect of verb information in sentence comprehension, but such study in Chinese is scarce. Many English studies found that verb information such as verb selectional restrictions, argument structures, etc. emit an immediate effect on certain response tasks while reading or listening to sentences. These studies led to setting up the Lexical Driven Model of sentence comprehension. In the present study, the relationship of Chinese transitive verbs and the nouns/adjectives just following verbs was manipulated to form continuity/uncontinuity sentences, in order to study the immediate effect of Chinese verb lexical information, such as selectional restrictions, during the process of Chinese sentence comprehension. Cross-modal repetition priming lexical decision paradigm and eye tracking technology were used in two experiments. In the first experiment, a significant longer response time to target noun was found due to the mismatch of verb and noun. For verb-adjective sentences, different continuity also led to significant different response time to target adjectives. In the second experiment, obviously continuity effect was found in both noun and adjective cases. All the results showed that lexical information such as verb selectional restrictions attend Chinese sentence processing as soon as activated and accessed, instead of using category information only at the very beginning, thus supporting the Lexical Driven Model. The present study proved that the integration of Chinese is carried out during reading or listening in incremental fashion. When difficulties or exceptions are encountered, all sorts of available information including lexical information were used to make a transient decision without disrupting Chinese sentence processing. The present study also showed that the modality of immediate effect that Chinese verb information issue is influenced to some extend by the sentence presentation method and experiment task.

Key words: sentence comprehension, lexical information, immediate effect, continuity