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王静, 霍涌泉(), 宋佩佩(), 张心怡(), 杨双娇, 柏洋   

  1. 陕西师范大学心理学院, 西安 710062
  • 收稿日期:2018-07-17 出版日期:2019-11-25 发布日期:2019-09-24
  • 通讯作者: 霍涌泉,宋佩佩,张心怡;;
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    * 国家社会科学基金后期资助项目(17FKS027);陕西师范大学课程思政示范课建设项目资助(13)

An analysis on Sun Yat-sen's thought of mind construction and its practical significance

WANG Jing, HUO Yongquan(), SONG Peipei(), ZHANG Xinyi(), YANG Shuangjiao, BAI Yang   

  1. School of Psychology, Shaanxi Normal University, Xi'an 710062, China
  • Received:2018-07-17 Online:2019-11-25 Published:2019-09-24
  • Contact: HUO Yongquan,SONG Peipei,ZHANG Xinyi;;


心理建设思想是孙中山革命和建设理论的重要内容。目前, 学术界对孙中山的思想在哲学、政治、文化等领域, 做了较多研究, 而从心理学视角的探索还较少。孙中山非常重视人的心理对社会政治的巨大作用, 强调心理建设对于人类发展和进步的重要意义。心理建设在他的革命与建国方略中具有极为重要的地位, 他创造性地提出了“知难行易”的命题, 强调了科学认知的艰难和重要性, 体现了孙中山独特的知行观。突出了心理建设在革命与建设中的核心价值和引领作用, 主张心理建设与社会发展和国家建设相联系。在当今时代中, 孙中山的心理建设思想依旧熠熠生辉, 他的奋斗精神、思路与方法已经成为我们实现民族复兴和现代化建设的宝贵精神财富, 具有重要的启迪作用和现实意义。

关键词: 孙中山, 心理建设, 知难行易, 政治心理, 社会治理


Dr. Sun Yat-sen was one of the three greatest figures in the modern Chinese history and has made tremendous contribution to the independence, liberation and revival of modern China. In the past decades, Sun's ideologies have been well researched in academic fields such as philosophy and politics. However, there is a lack of discussion about Sun’s thoughts from a psychological perspective. The theory of mind construction plays an extremely important role in Sun's strategies of political revolution and nation building. Sun emphasized the importance of social psychology in social politics and the importance of mind construction in human development. The mind construction theory can be seen as an important theoretical guide and practical reference to the rejuvenation of modern China. The theory of mind construction is concerned with the development of people and society, with the main purposes to educate people, change conservative mindsets, unite people's heart and strength, and eventually promote the common progress of society. The key to this ideological breakthrough was the establishment of the doctrine of "difficult to know and easy to do", which embodies Sun's understanding of the relationships between knowledge and practice, and emphasizes the difficulties and importance of scientific exploration. The mind construction theory is a concise summary of Sun’s experience in revolutionary politics and history, and is characterized by the following features: the integration and innovation of Chinese and Western civilizations, the convergence of material and ethical civilization, and the emphasis on the relationship between human psychology and politics. It is the development and innovation of the spirit of the times. It enlightens us to draw wisdom from our efforts to build a new society that is closely integrated with the highly developed material civilization and the vigorous humanistic spirit. Sun's thoughts of nation building, as the first step in mind development, explored the unique Chinese way to political success, and provided important inspiration for the sacred cause of the Chinese Renaissance in the 21st century. It is noteworthy to know that Dr. Sun Yat-sen was aware of the dialectical relationship between material and ethical civilizations, the energy of the spirit, and the importance of material construction. Moreover, we must pay attention to the positive role of mind construction in current social governance policies. Thus, it is of important theoretical and practical values to revisit, inherit, and creatively implement Sun's mind construction thought.

Key words: Dr. Sun Yat-sen, mind construction, difficult to know and easy to do, political psychology, social governance.