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张珊珊1(), 谢晋宇2, 吴敏1   

  1. 1 四川大学马克思主义学院
    2 四川大学商学院, 成都 610065
  • 收稿日期:2018-07-08 出版日期:2019-07-26 发布日期:2019-06-25
  • 通讯作者: 张珊珊
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    * 教育部哲学社会科学研究重大课题攻关项目(10JZD 0045-2);四川大学“双一流”建设(哲学社会科学)研究专项(SKSYL201703);四川大学未来教育研究专项(SCU FER2019009)

Sweet poison: How does benevolent sexism affect women’s career development?

ZHANG Shanshan1(), XIE Jinyu2, WU Min1   

  1. 1 School of Marxism
    2 School of Business, Sichuan University, Chengdu 610065, China
  • Received:2018-07-08 Online:2019-07-26 Published:2019-06-25
  • Contact: ZHANG Shanshan


善意性别偏见因持有者的主观好意往往难以被识别为偏见, 但会通过限制女性的角色形象和将其置于弱者地位从而巩固性别不平等的状况。近年来大量实证研究发现, 善意性别偏见从家庭教育、婚恋角色分工和职场竞争等方面挤压女性的生涯发展空间; 相比来自他人态度的直接作用, 这些消极影响更多通过女性对善意性别偏见的自我内化来实现。针对这一作用机制, 研究者们从女性感知和应对善意性别偏见的个体心理层面提出了多种理论解释。我们认为, 从女性主义心理学视角审视善意性别偏见的相关研究, 如何秉持研究立场的客观性和价值观的中立性是值得反思的问题; 女性主义心理学的最新理论发展也对性别偏见的研究趋势具有重要启示。

关键词: 善意性别偏见, 女性生涯发展, 女性主义, 性别平等


Benevolent sexism (BS) is a set of interrelated attitudes toward women that are subjectively positive in tone but viewing women stereotypically in traditional gender roles. These attitudes failed to be detected as prejudice by the perceiver but still reinforces women’s subordinate status. Benevolent sexism revealed in family education and intimate relationships and in workplace contexts restricts the career development of women by disarming them and, rather than compelling them directly, persuading women to internalize these restrictions. To explain the function mechanism, previous studies have investigated how women perceive and react to benevolent sexism with corresponding theories such as stereotype threat, fear of success, and system justification theory. However, the objective and neutral standpoint that the researchers hold in the study of benevolent sexism is worth debating from the perspective of feminist psychology because masculine value has been implicitly admired and heterogeneity among women has been ignored. Considering the recent trend of feminist psychology, some further research ideas are implied and discussed in this review.

Key words: benevolent sexism, women’s career development;, feminism, gender equality