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Advances in Psychological Science    2014, Vol. 22 Issue (10) : 1564-1572     DOI: 10.3724/SP.J.1042.2014.01564
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Individual Differences in Attentional Blink
CHEN Jiangtao; TANG Dandan; LIU Congcong; CHEN Antao
(Faculty of Psychology, Key Laboratory of Cognition and Personality (Ministry of Education), Southwest University,Chongqing,400715,China)
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The attentional blink (AB) effect refers to the phenomenon of when participants exhibit an impaired ability to report a second target (T2) which appears within the time window of 200~500 ms after a first target (T1) within a stream of distractors. Recently, there has been a growing interest in investigating individual differences in the AB effect. The present paper firstly reviews recent studies which have explored individual differences in the AB effect from the cognitive, emotional, and personality perspectives. These differences have mainly been found to be embodied in working memory, the ability to inhibit distractors, dispositional focus, and personality. Recently, the individual differences in the AB effect have been highlighted in both clinical research and in terms of practical applications. Finally, we propose a new direction for research into the underlying of neural mechanism in the individual differences and the practical application.

Keywords attentional blink      individual differences      special participants     
Corresponding Authors: CHEN Antao,   
Issue Date: 15 October 2014
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CHEN Jiangtao
TANG Dandan
LIU Congcong
CHEN Antao
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CHEN Jiangtao,TANG Dandan,LIU Congcong, et al. Individual Differences in Attentional Blink[J]. Advances in Psychological Science, 2014, 22(10): 1564-1572.
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