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How does team growth mindsets effect team innovation? A perspective from attention composition and attention configuration

ZHANG Xufan, ZHANG Wenjian   

  • Received:2022-09-21 Revised:2023-01-09 Online:2023-01-11 Published:2023-01-11
  • Contact: Wenjian Zhang

摘要: 团队是组织中最重要的创新活动单元。既往研究相对忽视与“人”相关的微观因素对创新的影响。本项目从“认知的内隐理论”出发,运用追踪调查、QCA等研究方法,启动团队成长心态与团队创新的一系列研究。具体包括:(1)基于“团队过程”视角,检验注意力配置在团队成长心态与两种创新模式之间的中介效应;(2)探讨组织二元结构文化和团队协作质量的情境要素,以此检验心态“表达的适度性”和“过程的适度性”;(3)检验四种“注意力构型”对团队创新可能产生的“双刃剑”效应;(4)检验团队成长心态在“注意力构型”与两种创新绩效间的作用,据此验证此构念的内涵与功能。该研究的理论意义是将注意力研究转向了对其前因机制的探讨;此外,注意力构型与创新的“悖论”关系,以及团队成长心态在注意力构型与创新间的功能也为创新研究提供了较为可靠的实践意义。

关键词: 团队成长心态, 团队创新, 注意力配置, 注意力构型

Abstract: Team counts as the most important innovative unit in an organization. Most previous studies, while investigating such macroscopic elements as strategies that influence innovation, are relatively found inadequate for stressing micro-factors related to “humans”. This project starts from the “implicit theory of cognition, and by applying methods of follow-up questionnaires and QCA, launches a series of inquiries into the relation between team growth mindsets and team innovation. Its main agenda includes: (1) based on the coordinative nature of team, to develop a localized rating scale for team growth mindsets that distinguishes itself from aggregated individual mindset; (2) based on the perspective of “team process”, to examine the mediating effect of attention composition between team growth mindsets and the radical/incremental team innovations; (3) to discuss the moderating effect on ambidextrous organizational culture and teamwork quality, and to examine the “expression moderation” and the “process moderation” of team growth mindsets in an organizational context; (4) to employ the perspective of “attention configuration” to examine the potential effect of “double-edged sword”, produced by four types of attention configuration, on team innovation; (5) to examine the role played by team growth mindsets in the relation between attention configuration and the radical/incremental team innovations, and to further verify the concept’s implication and function. The theoretical significance of this project lies in the turn that brings the study of attention to the antecedent mechanism. Besides, the "paradox" relationship between attention configuration and innovation together with the function that team growth mindsets produce therein provide reliable practical significance for team innovation.

Key words: team growth mindsets, team innovation, attention composition, attention configuration