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    Division of Educational Psychology,Institute of Psychology, Academia, Sinica
    1959, 3 (06):  3-21. 
    Abstract ( 469 )  
    The school enrollment age is an important problem in the school system. In order to find out the school enrollment age best suited for childreris' psychological development, the author set up six experimental classes consisting of the &year-old children (for comparison, corresponding classes of 7-year-old children were also; set up). The present paper summarized the psychological characteristics of the 6-year-old children in adaptirig to the school environment, taking responsibility of their own learning, building up their moral, quality as well as studying the major curriculum, i.e. language and arithmetic, when the same teaching "materials given to the 7-year-old children were also tried on them. One year's study revealed that taking the present set up in the school situation and the existing teaching method it is feasible to allow children to begin their schooling at the age of six. This study also pointed out the problems robe studied further, if the problem of school enrollment age is to be solved satisfactorily.
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    SHEN YEH (Institute of Psychology, Academia Sinica)
    1959, 3 (06):  22-33. 
    Abstract ( 426 )  
    To master a certain amount of vocabulary of everyday use is an improtant factor in the training of reading and expressing abilities and is also one of the key problems in the over all improvement of the quality of the language teaching. In many. schools, the situation in the first and second grade, as the childrens' vocabulary is concerned, has been not very far satisfactory.Through a rather broard investigation, it. was brought to the conclusion that 7- and 8-yearold children may learn Chinese characters better and more, only if the teachers would improve the method of instruction.The method of teaching in several excellant classes and unsatisfactory ones were analyzed. The result showed that the better way of teaching is to instruct the pupils to analyze the structure of the Chinese characters, to build the habits of purposeful memorization and of actire thinking. That is to say, the results of teaching depend not only on the teaching of the characters but also on the instruction of the method of learning.A preliminary experiment was also carried out. The results of the experiment confirmed that analyzing the structure of characters is an effective method for the mastery of characters. Further studies are necessary for the clarification of the development of the analyzing and synthetizing processes in learning vocabularies.
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    CHANG TSEN-HUI (Institute of Psychology, Academia Sinica)
    1959, 3 (06):  34-47. 
    Abstract ( 462 )  
    This experiment was carried out as a part of the research on the speedy synthetic treatments of neurathenia. The purpose of this study was to investigate the characteristics of the patients' memory disorder by an objective method and to find out the extents of their recoveries after the speedy synthetic treatments. In the experiments, the patients were required to recall and recognize the pictures after presentation for minutes. The patients were also asked about their memory. The result off this study showed that the extents of the patients' memory disorder depended, on the severity of their symptoms of neurathenia. Due to the individual difference in effectiveness of the treatments, after the treatments, different levels of improvement in memory were observed. By strengthening the patients' belief in the effectiveness of the treatments, better effects of the treatments Were obtained.The characteristics of the patients' memory as revealed in this study were: the reduction in the impressibility and the lack of systematization in their memory and the slow down in their reaction to the stimuli presented to them.
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