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    Wang Daheng Jing Qicheng Sun Xiuru Lin ZHiding Zhang Jiaying (Institute. of Psychology Chinese Academy of Sciences Beijing, 100012)
    . 1997, 29 (03): 225-233.  
    Abstract   PDF (KB) ( 261 )
    The paper gives an overview of the theoretical and practical and practical implications of constructing a color model to represent object color and to give colons quantitative descriptions. Some of the most commonly used color systems are described. To construct the Chinese Color System an analysis of these color systems and measurements of color samples were made. Experiments were conducted to establish uniform scales for the perception of brightness, hue and chroma of the Chinese eye. The results formed the basis for the model of Chinese Color System, and were used in constructing the Album of the Chinese Color System. The results of this research were approved by the Chinese Natural Science Foundation and Academy of Sciencesjoint review committee in 1993, and passed the National Technical Supervision Bureau review as national color standards. The completion and popularisation of the research results provided industrial departments with scientific methods for color control and color information transfer, thus producing positive economic and social benefits.
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    Zhang Daren Jiang Xiong (Department of Biology & Cognitive Science Lab, University of Science & Technology of China, Hefei, Anhui, 230026) Tang Xiaowei (Institute of High Energy Physics,Academia Sinica, Beijing, 100039)
    . 1997, 29 (03): 234-239.  
    Abstract   PDF (KB) ( 102 )
    Frick (1984) found that using both an auditory and a visual short-term store increased digit span, but only under conditions that the visual stimuli were simultaneously presented, and the report order was inverted. ln the present new 4 experiments Corsi ' s Block tapping in which the stimuli were serially displayed and auditory digits were used to measure the mixed-modality span under normal report- Order Condition. lt is clear that the mixed-mode span was significantly higher than digit span or Corsi ' s span in Experiments 1, 2, and 4 and it is higher than that of Frick, s, it suggested that the two necessary conditions in Frick ' s experiments were not always needed and the new method may he useful for exploring the central executive of Working memory The effects of patterns of display of the stimuli of two modalities and the manner of report (separated vs mixed modalities) were compared.
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    Liu Shuzhong(CASE Lab.,Department of Computer Science and Technology,Beijing University,100871)Cheng Hu(Institute of Software,Academia Sinica,Beijing,100080)
    . 1997, 29 (03): 240-249.  
    Abstract   PDF (KB) ( 102 )
    Association is very important in cognitive psychology and cognitive science.Researchers study it from different aspects and have got some significant results.Inthis paper the association is discussed from connectionist association modes,FBCAM(Featured-Based Connectionist Association Model),is described.In FBCAM,and object is described with its features and theaccompanying values of the features.All featuresof an object from the description pattern of the object and the accompanying valuesof the features form the accompanying vector,so that objects can be described precisely.Therefore the similarity between twoconcepts can be analyzed in detail,andthe association and attention can be analyzed and simulated with details.FBCAM isimplemented in the computer(SUN SPARC Workstation, C programming language).
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    Chen Wenxi (Shanxi Mining College, Taiyuan , 030024)
    . 1997, 29 (03): 250-256.  
    Abstract   PDF (KB) ( 80 )
    Neurophysiological experiments since the 20s of this century have shown that the compression originally observed in psychological . experiments is also present in the pattern of peripheral neural activity. It is most usually measured in terms of the frequency of the train of the nervous impulses recorded at peripheral sensory neurons. Some investigators have found loguithmic neural function, while others have reported power function. This controversy of specific mathematical rule which best describes the compression has been discussed and unified in this paper by the application of the stimulus - effect model of the brain previously established by the author.
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    Ling Wenquan Zheng Xiaoming (Institute of Psychology, Academia Sinica, Beijing,100012) Zhang Anmin (Institute of Criminology. Prison Administrative Bureau, Shandong, 250001)
    . 1997, 29 (03): 257-263.  
    Abstract   PDF (KB) ( 216 )
    The study was designed to construct assessment scale of criminal reform effectiveness in the Chinese prison by factor analysis. The scale is divided into two versions. One is A version assessment scale by the police, another is B version assessment scale by the criminal. The results showed that: (1) the constructed inventory has good reliability and validity; (2) the three factors of assessment of reform effectiveness has reasonable factor structure and clear content.
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    Wang Lei Yao Zhen Chen Yi (Department of psychology, Peking University)
    . 1997, 29 (03): 264-270.  
    Abstract   PDF (KB) ( 84 )
    Fourteen groups of college students (in total of 68 subjects) were dichotically appointed with two different group tasks: discussing an open-ended (OE) question or a close-ended (CE) question. The group work was assessed in the procedure, pattern, and features: the time used for different working stages, the object that each speaking directs against, the continuity of group discussion, the method and intensity of reasoning, the group conflict and supporting, and expressing style. Results showed that CE needed more time to clarify the question and was more likely to cite examples to support the opinions. OE adopted inductive method whereas CE adopted deductive method. Both groups were more likely to talk to individual members than to the whole group, and more likely to express agreement nonverbally than orally. The results were also discussed referring to the design of videoconference system and computer surpported co-operative work.
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    Shi Jiannong Xu Fan (Institute of Psychology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing100012)
    . 1997, 29 (03): 271-277.  
    Abstract   PDF (KB) ( 485 )
    In the field of research on creativity, the relationship between children's creativity and intelligence is one of the most arguable problems. In order to explain the relationship between creativity and intelligence, we developed a system model of creativity previously. In this paper parts of the hypothesis of the model Were tested. The correlation coefficient between creative thinking and one's interest and motivation were detected. The results showed, (1) the performances of intellectually gifted children on geometric, numeric and practical tests of creativity were significantly higher than the normal intellectual children; (2) there existed significant correlation coefficient between gifted children's creative thinking and their interest and motivation, (r=27- 76, p<05-001); (3) there existed significant correlation between the normal children,s creative thinking and their interest and motivation, too, (r =24-71, p < 05- 001 ; (4) the performance of creative thinking of the subjects with high scores of interest and motivation was higher than the subjects with low scores of interest and motivation. These results supported the hypotheses of the system model of creativity.
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    Fang Xiaoyi (Institute of Developmental Psychology Psychology Normal University l00875)
    . 1997, 29 (03): 278-285.  
    Abstract   PDF (KB) ( 212 )
    Similarity between adolescents and their same-gender best friends were examined using data collected from 1040 6th, 8th, and 10th grade youth from several public schools in Beijing. Subjects were asked to nominate one best friend, and complete a questionnaire including 17 attributes. 427 same-gender best friend dyads were identified. The same-gender best friends were more similar than non-selected friends. They were more similar on behaviors such as skipping school, running away from home, smoking and drinking than on other activities, and the least similar on family socioeconomic status, dispositional compliance, school achievement and education aspiration. The effects of gender and grade of best friend dyads were significant on some attributes, the effects of reciprocity of same-gender best friend dyads were not significant on all attributes.
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    Dong Qi Tao Sha Zeng Qi Lu Yongli Wang Yanping (Institute of Developmental Psychology.Beijing Normal University,100875)
    . 1997, 29 (03): 286-293.  
    Abstract   PDF (KB) ( 109 )
    This study tested 244 infants on their detour behavior by eliciting infants to reach for a toy in a roundabout way with a standardized procedure in the lab. The results showed: (a) From 8-month-old to 11-month-old, the level of infants' detour behavior increased gradually. (b) lnfants in the 8- to 11- month-old age range could learn successfully detour behavior after repeated trials: moreover,9-or10-month-old infants were move likely to benefit from beforehand trials than 8-month-old infants. (c) The speed of learning increased with the increase of the infants' age.
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    Wan Minggang Wang Jian (Northwest Normal University. Lanzhou, 730070)
    . 1997, 29 (03): 294-300.  
    Abstract   PDF (KB) ( 136 )
    Questionnaires, interviews and observations were used to investigate bilingual Tibetan adults, attitude toward their native language and Chinese, their attitude toward the selection of Tibetan or Chinese in different communicative contexts, and their attitude toward the transformation of one language code into another The result of the investigation showed that most of the bilingual people have a deep feeling for their native language, and a strong inclination to keep their own language. The factor of feeling plays an important part in the attitude of the bilingual people toward their native language, while in the attitude toward Chinese language their is something more rational or cognitive than emotional. They show a positive attitude toward learing Chinese in order to master it. but when it comes to the viewpoint of replacing Tibetan with Chinese, their attitude turns to be negative, Bilingual people mainly use their own language in the family and among their own people. lf one Tibetan speaks in Tibetan,while the other responds in Chinese or in Tibetan mingled with Chinese, it is not welcome.
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    Lin Wenjuan (Brain-Behavior Research Center, lnstitute of Psychology, Chinese Academy of Science ,Beijing, 100012)
    . 1997, 29 (03): 301-305.  
    Abstract   PDF (KB) ( 152 )
    This paper reviewed the history and the development of psychoneuroimmunology as a field of interdisciplinary research. It emphasized that new idea is needed for investigating the mechanism as to how behavioral and mental activities change into the physiological components which are related to health. New research ideas are discussed.
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    Gao Yang Kuang Peizi (Institute of psychology,Chinese Academy of Sciences,Beijing, 100012)
    . 1997, 29 (03): 306-311.  
    Abstract   PDF (KB) ( 71 )
    This paper studied the memory retention of chicks which were trained to learn one trail passive avoidance task after 2 hours of left visual deprivation, and the improvement of bicuculline in memory formation of the unilateral visually deprived chicks. The main results were: 1 . Only short-term memory was maintained after 2 hours of unilateral visual deprivation. 2. The intermediate-term memory and longterm memory recovered after intracranial injection of bicucullion.
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    Tao Hongbin (policy Research Office,Educational Committee of Wuhan, 430017) Guo Yongyu (Psychology Department Central-China Normal University Wuhan, 430070)
    . 1997, 29 (03): 312-317.  
    Abstract   PDF (KB) ( 143 )
    This paper firstly discussed the reasons of the combination of positivism and modem psychology, then analyzed positivism ' s close relation with the history of Westem psychology and its meaning as psychological methodology, lastly the contributions and limitations of positivism as psychological methodology was pointed Out.
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    Ye Haosheng(History of Psychology Center, Nanjing Normal University)
    . 1997, 29 (03): 318-325.  
    Abstract   PDF (KB) ( 107 )
    the current state of psychology in westerm countires was examined from theperspective, that there were three opposite trends in the development of psychology,These opposite trends are applied psychology\discourage unified psychology,centrifugal\centripetal trends, and the efforts to constrcuct\discourage unified psychology.Factors contributing to tensions between these two trends were analyzed.
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    Huang Xiting Xu Guangguo(Institute & Department of Psychology, Southwest China Normal University, china, 630715)
    . 1997, 29 (03): 326-334.  
    Abstract   PDF (KB) ( 82 )
    The purpose of the present two experiments was to study the predictive validityof three cognitive models in time estimation:the storage-size model(SS),the processingtime mode(PT),the change/ segmentation model(CD),but the experiments wereprimarily designed to test CS model . With the methods of both reproduction andparameter estimation of time, subjects were asked to prospectively (immediately ordelaying) estimate the duration between two red-colored squares, which were alsofilled with 12 digits appearing alternatively, At the same time, subjects were asked toreport 2 digits after a probing digit, which enabled subjects to perceive (or remember)the flow of digits in the predesigned chunking mode. the segmentation levels wereanticipatedly produced by different chunking size(2or 4 digits ). In experiment 1,external change was manipulated:diffirent duration lasting within two types of chunks,different intervals intervening two digits of the two types of chunks, In Experiment 2,internal change was manipulated, while external change was controlled: same intervalsintervening two digits, same duration within any digit, but subjects were asked to perceive these digits in diffirent chunking modes. The results showed that the higher the segmentation level in immediate response setting the longer the subjective duration estimation, but the subjetive duration was not influenced by the predetermined segmentation level in delayable response setting. Examining the way the subjective experience was processed indicated that in immediate response setting, the predesigned chunking of the list of digits was preserved, but in delayable response setting, such chunking diminished. These findings were discussed in terms of three models. The conclusion was that time estimation was best explained by the CS model: although the subjective duration in delayable prospective estimation was not influenced by the predesigned segmentation level, it was also influenced by the degree to which memorial representations of processed events segment experience. That is, in immediate estimation, the segmentation levels were determined by the predesigned chunked digits, while in remote estimation, the segmentation levels were determined by the discrete digits.
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