2018, Vol. 50(10): 1094-1104    DOI: 10.3724/SP.J.1041.2018.01094
Effect of ecological environment and mode of production on the visual-spatial working memory of Oroqens
Ting WANG1,Yuxia GUAN2,Hongying GUAN3,Jijia ZHANG1()
1 Department of Psychology, Renmin University of China; The State Ethnic Affairs Commission Key Research Center for Language, Cultural, and Psychology; Key Research Center for National Psychology and Education, the National Education Development Center of the Ministry of Education, Beijing 100872, China
2 Education Science Institute, Hulunbuir University, Hailar, Inner Mongolia, 021008, China
3 Orunchun National Research Center, Alihe, Inner Mongolia, 165400, China
Received 2017-11-13  Revised null
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