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   2006, Vol. 38 Issue (03) : 468-474     DOI:
A Review on Cross-Cultural Studies in Contemporary Sport Psychology
Si-Gangyan,Li Qingzhu,Liu Hao
Hong Kong Sports Institute, Hong Kong, China
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Abstract  A literature review of cross-cultural studies in sport psychology 1988~2004 suggests that research in this area has still some methodological problems despite the increase in the number of papers published. The authors propose a 3-step theoretical framework and a 4-stage conceptual framework to help researchers become aware of the extent of the methodological issues and to guide them along the way in their efforts to do quality cross-cultural research in sport. Apart from trying to do quality research, findings of cross-cultural studies in sport so far have important implications of practice for athletes, coaches, psychologists, technical support staff, and sport administrators. Thus, research and practice are meaningfully linked together
Keywords sport and exercise psychology      cross-cultural research      research methodology      research contents     
:  B849  
Corresponding Authors: Si Gangyan   
Issue Date: 30 May 2006
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Si-Gangyan,Li Qingzhu,Liu Hao. A Review on Cross-Cultural Studies in Contemporary Sport Psychology[J]. ,2006, 38(03): 468-474.
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