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   2006, Vol. 38 Issue (03) : 324-332     DOI:
Effects of Categorical Variables on Fale Recognition
Zhang-Jijia,Kong Changfeng
Center for Studies of Psychological application,Department of Psychology,South China Normal University,Guangzhou 510631, China
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Abstract  Using Chinese words as experimental matrials,the study investigated the influence of category items repetition,familiarity and typicality of items,and category size on false recognition. Experiment 1 showed that false recognition responses to nonstudied category members increased with the number of items from the same category that were presented at encoding. In Experiment 2,the participants made more false recognition responses to category members of high familiarity degree. In Experiment 3,the participants produced more false recognition responses to category members of high typicality degree.In Experiment 4,participants did more false recognition responses to category members of small categories
Keywords category variables      false recognition      familiarity typicality      category size     
:  B842  
Corresponding Authors: Zhang Jijia   
Issue Date: 30 May 2006
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Zhang-Jijia,Kong Changfeng. Effects of Categorical Variables on Fale Recognition[J]. ,2006, 38(03): 324-332.
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