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   1996, Vol. 28 Issue (04) : 405-413     DOI:
Li Deming;Mei Lei;Liu Chang; Li Guiyun(Brain-Behavior Research Center Institute of Psychology,Chinese Academy of Sciences,Beijing,100012)
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Abstract  A study on age-and cognitive function-related characteristics of encephalofluctuograph was accomplished in 120 normal subjects of 20 to 79 years of age. The results showed:(1)The age-related decreasing process of power gradient,in which there were low power in the frontal area and high power in the occiput area in the configuration of dominant power encephalofluctuograph,was more apparent in the group with poor performance of cognitive test than in the group with good performance of cognitive test,(2)The influence of the age×cognition interaction on dominant power in encephalofluctuograph was concentrated on the left-anterior/right-posterior brain axis.(3)The changes of anterior-posterior gradient and left-right asymmetry of dominant power in encephalofluctuograph indicated that the regulation and control of dominant power in anterior-posterior and left-right brain might bring into play in different levels,and the coordinative activities of anterior-posterior and leftright brain had close relations to cognitive function. The results suggested that power-encephalofluctuograph was closely relative to cognitive function and its aging process.
Keywords Cognitive function      Encephalofluctuograph      Age     
Issue Date: 25 December 1996
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Li Deming,Mei Lei,Liu Chang, Li Guiyun(Brain-Behavior Research Center Institute of Psychology,Chinese Academy of Sciences,Beijing,100012). AGE-AND COGNITIVE FUNCTION-RELATED CHARACTERISTICS OF POWER ENCEPHALOFLUCTUOGRAPH IN ADULTS[J]. ,1996, 28(04): 405-413.
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