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心理学报 ›› 2002, Vol. 34 ›› Issue (04): 27-31.

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  1. 天津师范大学心理与行为研究中心,天津师范大学心理与行为研究中心,天津师范大学心理与行为研究中心 天津300074;中国科学院心理研究所,北京100101;中山大学心理学系,广州510275 ,天津300074 ,天津300074;中国科学院心理研究所,北京100101
  • 出版日期:2002-08-25 发布日期:2002-08-25
  • 通讯作者: 柯学


Ke Xue 1,2,3 , Bai Xuejun 1 , Sui Nan 1,2 (1 Psychology and Behaviour Research Center, Tianjin Normal Univerisy, Tianjin 300074;2 Institute of Psychology, CAS, Beijing 100101) (3 Department of Psychology, Zhongshan University, Guangzhou   

  • Online:2002-08-25 Published:2002-08-25

摘要: 研究了数字概念大小判断任务中的无意识语义启动效应。被试为天津师范大学本科生和研究生 5 6名。仪器为 pentiumIII高分辨率计算机 ,程序用E prime心理实验软件系统编制而成。在实验一中 ,用信号检测论技术发现 ,当启动数字呈现为 30ms时 ,被试是不能觉知到启动数字的 ;在实验二中 ,启动数字和靶数字使用相同的刺激序列 ,用MANOVA分析了启动数字和靶数字属于不同字体时的启动效应 ,发现启动数字对靶数字加工有促进或抑制作用 ;在实验三中 ,启动数字和靶数字使用两个不同的刺激序列 ,同样发现类似的启动效应。实验证据提示 ,无意识知觉能够达到语义水平上的加工

关键词: 脑, 视知觉, 无意识, 启动效应

Abstract: This study aims at investigating whether masked numerical primes can activate cognitive processes in semantic level without gaining access to consciousness. Ss were 56 university students (Exp 1, 2 and 3) in Tianjin Normal University, China. The experimental software E prime was used to control the presentation of stimuli to participants. In Exp 1, it was confirmed that the masked numerical primes presented for 30ms could not reach awareness level via signal detection techniques. In Exp 2, the primes and the targets were the same numerals and the subjects were simply told to classify the target as larger or smaller than 5. With multivariate analysis of variance (MANOVA), the priming effects were investigated at different priming conditions with either the prime number or the target number presented as an Arabic digit or a Chinese character. The results showed that the unseen numerical prime could facilitate or inhibit the subsequent processing of the target. In Exp3, priming remained significant under all conditions even when the primes and the targets belonged to two different stimulus serials. It is suggested that unconscious utilization of semantic information without awareness does exist.

Key words: brain, visual perception, unconsciousness, priming