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  1. (华南师范大学生命科学学院, 广州 510631)
  • 收稿日期:2013-02-21 出版日期:2014-12-25 发布日期:2014-12-25
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Right Side Dominance of Song Control in High Vocal Center in Adult Male Zebra Finches

ZHANG Meng; LI Dongfeng   

  1. (School of Life Science, South China Normal University, Guangzhou 510631, China)
  • Received:2013-02-21 Online:2014-12-25 Published:2014-12-25
  • Contact: LI Dongfeng, E-mail:


鸣禽是研究语言功能的动物模型。鸣禽端脑的高级发声中枢(high vocal center, HVC)与人类布洛卡氏区具有功能同源性。利用电损毁与声谱分析相结合的方法, 对成年雄性斑胸草雀两侧HVC分别进行电损毁, 观察HVC控制鸣声的侧别差异。结果表明, 损毁左侧HVC对长鸣和鸣曲的频域和声强特征均无显著性影响。损毁右侧HVC导致长鸣的振幅、调频、幅度调制显著减小(p < 0.05), 鸣曲的振幅、平均频率、峰频率显著减小(p < 0.05)。损毁双侧HVC后均引起鸣曲时域特征的改变, 暗示鸣曲时域特征的编码需要两侧半球鸣唱系统的整合。HVC在控制鸣声频域和声强特征上具有右侧优势, 但对鸣曲时域特征的控制需要两侧HVC的共同参与。

关键词: 高级发声中枢, 侧别优势, 声学特征, 成年雄性斑胸草雀


Songbird is an ideal animal model for the study of human language. There are functional similarities between telencephalon nucleus HVC (high vocal center) in songbird and Broca’s area in the human brain. The songs of songbird arise by an integration of activity from two neural pathways that emanate from nucleus HVC which plays an important role in song production and sensorimotor learning. Human brain known to be important for speech and language is usually much larger on the dominant side. Lesion of HVC is likely to uncover any asymmetries of function in the central song system. To determine the lateral asymmetry in HVC control of song production, electrolytic lesions of HVC and acoustic analysis technology were used. In our experiments, all birds received unilateral HVC lesion prior to bilateral HVC lesion, and then sound were compared and analyzed before and after electrolytic lesion of HVC. Fifteen adult males (left lesion, n = 8; right lesion, n = 7) received lesion targeting HVC. Structure of syllables has the characteristics of fast frequency modulations in adult male zebra finches, motifs of songs consist of several sequentially arranged syllables. Songs and long calls were analyzed spectrographically using Sound Analysis Pro (SAP), we extracted the acoustic parameters including durations, amplitude, fundamental frequency, mean frequency, peak frequency, frequency modulation, amplitude modulation and similarity score. Nissl-counterstained sections of all brains were carefully examined to assess lesion damage. The results showed that the lesion of left HVC had no significant influence to frequency and intensity features in song and long call. Lesion of right HVC result in amplitude, frequency modulation, amplitude modulation decreased significantly (p < 0.05) in long call, and amplitude, mean frequency, peak frequency reduced significantly (p < 0.05) in song. The change of temporal feature after bilateral HVC lesions suggested that the coding of the temporal feature requires the both hemispheres integration of the song system. HVC has right dominance in the control frequency and intensity features, but in the control temporal feature requires both sides of HVC.

Key words: high vocal center, side dominance, acoustic characteristicsadult male zebra finch