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   2011, Vol. 19 Issue (11) : 1583-1587     DOI:
研究构想 |
The Sequential Model of Future-oriented Coping and Its Time Perspective Mechanism
Gan Yi-Qun
Department of Psychology, Peking University, Beijing 100871, China
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Abstract  Recent research indicated the important role of future-oriented coping in the area of stress management. However, the relationship between proactive coping and preventive coping, and their function mechanisms remain unclear. The present project is the first attempt to investigate the theoretical models of future-oriented coping from the pointcuts of time perspective and implicit cognition. This project consists of four parts: (1) Development of the sequential model of future-oriented coping in the context of job-hunting among university seniors; (2) Verification and generalization of the aforementioned model using implicit cognition in the context of university adjustment; (3) Examination the time discounting mechanisms in different stages of future-oriented coping using the Experimental Discounting Task; (4) Exploration of time discounting mechanisms of future-oriented coping using threatening and neutral faces as subliminal priming. The project provides evidences for the theoretical development of proactive coping and preventive coping and promotes their application in the field of mental health and education.
Keywords future-oriented coping      sequential model      time perspective      subliminal affective priming     
Corresponding Authors: Gan Yi-Qun   
Issue Date: 15 November 2011
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Gan Yi-Qun. The Sequential Model of Future-oriented Coping and Its Time Perspective Mechanism[J]. , 2011, 19(11): 1583-1587.
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