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Advances in Psychological Science    2018, Vol. 26 Issue (8) : 1501-1510     DOI: 10.3724/SP.J.1042.2018.001501
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The interventions of job crafting: A cultivation of employees’ work initiative
Changjiang XU(),Shi CHEN
Department of psychology, Zhejiang Normal University, Jinhua 321004, China
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The job crafting theory emphasizes that employees’ spontaneity and initiative to reshape their work from the bottom up. Within the realm of organization behavior, how to intervene the job crafting of employees has garnered the most attention in recent years. In the current intervention research, the intervention mainly includes three aspects: motivating employees’ crafting motivation, helping employees to form a good crafting awareness and cultivating employees' crafting behavior. These three aspects are closely connected, and researchers can choose to intervene in one area or in all three areas. Job crafting intervention can be implemented through theory learning, plan making and executing, feedback and discussion. Future research needs to continue to explore the concept, structure and measurement tools of job crafting, provide support for intervention research, enrich the types of intervention research, improve intervention research techniques, and try to use modern science and technology resources to promote the modernization of intervention research.

Keywords job design      job crafting      intervention     
ZTFLH:  B849:C93  
Corresponding Authors: Changjiang XU     E-mail:
Online First Date: 02 July 2018    Issue Date: 02 July 2018
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Changjiang XU,Shi CHEN. The interventions of job crafting: A cultivation of employees’ work initiative[J]. Advances in Psychological Science, 2018, 26(8): 1501-1510.
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