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Perspective Taking during Language Processing and Its Cognitive Mechanism

  • Received:2020-09-25 Revised:2020-10-28 Online:2021-01-15 Published:2021-01-15

摘要: 观点采择是指个体从他人或他人所处情境出发,想象或推测他人观点与态度的心理过程。语言交流是个体之间传递信息的重要手段,而每个个体都拥有独特的经历,背景知识,信念,观点等,有效的交流需要建立在观点采择基础上。本文综述了语言加工过程中观点采择的研究成果,系统分析了观点采择在语言产生和语言理解中的作用,以及交流中观点采择的认知机制。未来研究应扩展观点采择的范围,采用不同的实验任务,考虑更贴近现实的观点采择发生场景,进一步深化观点采择的理论解释。

关键词: 观点采择, 语言加工, 认知机制

Abstract: Perspective taking refers to the psychological process in which an individual imagines or speculates about others' opinions and attitudes from the perspective of others or their situations. Language communication is an important means to convey information between individuals, and each individual has unique experience, background knowledge, beliefs, opinions and so on. Effective communication needs to be based on perspective taking. This paper reviews the research achievements of perspective taking in language processing, systematically analyzes the role of perspective taking in language production and language understanding, and the cognitive mechanism of perspective taking in communication. Future research should expand the scope of perspective taking, adopt different experimental tasks, consider more realistic perspective taking scenarios, and further deepen the theoretical explanation of perspective taking.