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How can a selected and a rejected option turn out to be the same one? Research on selection and rejection response mode

  • Received:2020-06-23 Revised:2020-09-22 Online:2020-12-30 Published:2020-12-30

摘要: 选项的排列和描述方式会对人们的决策产生重大影响。选择和拒绝反应模式作为描述方式中的特殊变式,其研究价值和应用潜力被研究者低估。本综述重点回顾选择和拒绝反应模式30年研究进展。首先,本文分析了在“选择和拒绝”名义下所开展的决策研究,基于五个视角概括了选择和拒绝反应模式下的差异表现形式;随后对目前使用较为广泛的研究范式和理论假说进行了介绍;最后,本文着重探讨了选择和拒绝反应模式作为助推手段的应用价值和助推实践,并对其在未来研究中所发挥的角色提供了展望。

关键词: 反应模式, 选择和拒绝, 选择架构, 理论假说, 助推

Abstract: Decisions can be remarkably influenced by how the option is framed and elicited. However, as a special variant of the elicited method, the potential value and application of selection and rejection has been underestimated by researchers. Therefore, this paper summarizes the development of selection and rejection on the basis of 30 years research. We first analyzed the existing choices under the umbrella of selection and rejection, followed by summarizing the discrepancies between selection and rejection, and finally conclude with a discussion of the implications on nudging. And our work attempts to shedding light on the knowledge of selection and rejection as well as showing new applications for future research.

Key words: response mode, selection and rejection, choice architecture, mechanism, nudge