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  • 收稿日期:2020-05-28 修回日期:2020-11-02 出版日期:2020-11-09 发布日期:2020-11-09
  • 通讯作者: 彭坚
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The Bottom Up Effect of Followers' Proactive Work Behavior: A Perspective from Proactivity-Specific Implicit Followership


  • Received:2020-05-28 Revised:2020-11-02 Online:2020-11-09 Published:2020-11-09
  • Contact: Jian

摘要: 主动工作行为,作为推动组织与时俱进、健康发展的重要保障,已成为组织行为研究领域的热点主题。然而,以往研究在探索追随者主动工作行为的上行影响时, 却出现了悖论:一些研究发现主动工作行为能激发领导者的积极评价,另一些研究却指出主动工作行为会招致领导者的负面对待。为解释此矛盾现象,本研究基于内隐追随理论,认为领导者在多大程度上预先期望追随者表现主动工作行为,即主动导向内隐追随(proactivity-specific implicit followership theories; PSIF),决定了追随者主动工作行为究竟引发领导者的何种反应。鉴于此,本研究拟先探讨领导者PSIF的概念与测量,然后分析追随者主动工作行为与领导者PSIF的契合程度对领导者行为的影响并在此基础上揭示领导者核心情绪的中介作用。本研究从内隐追随视角建构了一个追随者主动工作行为的上行影响模型,既能解决主动工作行为研究领域的分歧,又能指导追随者如何恰当展现主动工作行为。

Abstract: Proactive work behaviors, which are crucial for the long term development of the organization, have become a hot topic in organizational behavior research field. However, prior studies indicated that followers’ proactive work behaviors may exert mixed-blessing effect on their leaders, such that followers' proactive work behaviors sometimes triggered their leaders’ positive evaluation whereas sometimes evoked their leaders’ negative treatment. To reconcile these paradoxical findings, this paper draws upon implicit followership theory to propose that whether proactive followers evoke their leaders’ positive or negative reaction depends on the leaders’ proactivity-specific implicit followership (PSIF), i.e., the extent to which leaders assume a follower in general should hold proactive behavioral characteristics. This study first discussed the definition and measurement of PSIF, and then illustrated how the congruence level between follower proactive work behavior and leader PSIF shapes leaders’ behaviors and identified the mediating role of leader core emotions. Overall, our theoretical model seeks to reconcile the mixed results stemming from prior studies and provide insights into how to engage in proactive behaviors wisely for practitioners.